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Namaste… Hope you are having a wonderful,smiling, blessed day…

Welcome to this page about my Education, Background, Vision and more…

I am often asked about these topics, hence it seemed suitable to create a page regarding this. I am happy to be a blessed person. This happened with the grace of life by bestowing upon me the opportunity since 2003 to serve and learn from parents, common people, great teachers & supreme masters… The Universe shines upon us it’s grace, goodness, beauty & truth- every moment which we are always willing to share with everyone…

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Anjali is a Founder Trustee of INDIAN RAW VEGAN FOUNDATION.
Anjali is an Author and Speaker on ‘High Raw Vegan Foods and Balanced Natural Lifestyle’. Integrating her vision, true experiences and intuition, Anjali serves people to connect themselves back to their own power, inner healing, peace and well being through her books and programs.
Anjali has become the medium of innovating several wonderful creations including allergen free, un-cooked, gourmet:

Indian Raw Vegan Delicacies: Drinks, Chaat, Main-course & Sweets, which she shares through her Raw Vegan Recipe Books. Anjali’s self illustrated story book: titled ‘Little Monkey’s Birthday’ is loved by kids of all ages- worldwide.

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You can know more about her and her educational background below…


Anjali Sanghi is also educated with several national and international certifications, degrees and diplomas in various fields.

She is also an internationally certified Su-jok acupuncturist, acupuncturist, seed therapist, twist therapist and colour therapist. She has also been a Smile meditation trainer.

She is an internationally certified spa, beauty and massage therapist. She is a certified Realm Reader.

She has completed her PGD from Apollo Hospitals Research Foundation in 2005 in Holistic Health care majoring in Energy Healing. Nutrition Therapy was one of the main subjects in this course.

She has also worked and volunteered in several fields including Early childhood education and care, Waldorf Education, Malnutrition, Natural organic farming, Chemical free living amongst others.

Since 2003 she has successfully served innumerable children, mothers, men, women, and the elderly. Integrating her holistic education, vision of service, and intuition, Anjali now supports people to connect themselves back to their own power, peace and well-being through her books and programs.

Anjali and her family have together become a medium of innovating several wonderful creations including their books and the famous ‘Indian Raw Vegan Delicacies’.

Over the years, not just  Anjali and their son, but several common men, women, elderly, children and more have greatly benefited by choosing to make changes in their lives along nature’s path. She believes in empowering families to become self-sufficient in taking their responsibility in all spheres of life, step by step as per their own choice and pace, thus serving all other species and environment as a whole.


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A Brief of Educational Background:

One Year Steiner Education Seminar: 2015-16

Internationally Certified Realm Reader: 2014

International Certification in Indigo Power Studies: 2014

Course Institution Year Major Subjects
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. IGNOU, New Delhi, INDIA Started in 2013
Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education Training Various Mentors 2013 onwards Several Teacher Trainings
PG Diploma in Holistic Health Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, Hyderabad, INDIA 2005 Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Modern Medicine, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Energy Healing and several others.
Smile Meditation Smile Meditation International 2005 in Jaipur and New Delhi Smile Meditation, Smile Twist
Massage Therapies and Treatments International Spa Academy Consulting, U.K. 2004 in New Delhi Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Spa Treatments
Twist Therapy International Spiral Motions Association, Moscow, RUSSIA 2003-04 in Jaipur and New Delhi Taiji, Gymnastics, Yoga, Sports, Dance, Twist Walking, Spiral Breath, Twist Therapy
Su-Jok Therapy (Advanced) International Su-Jok Acupuncture Association, Moscow, RUSSIA 2003-04 in Jaipur and New Delhi Su-Jok Acupressure, Acupuncture, Colour, Seed, Magnet, Nail Therapies

Anjali’s earlier education also includes Fashion Technology and Export Management. I have also undergone extensive national and international training, research and education in several other fields. Since Anjali does this study & research for her own interests or service, She has officially not given exams for many of those and hence they are not mentioned here.



I started learning about ways of natural practices of health and well-being out of interest since an early age from my parents, and many wise people around me. I have also had an opportunity to meet and learn from greatest of living Legends and Masters of the field of Natural Living, Alternative Therapies and Nutrition. I feel fortunate to also have received international certifications in various fields. From 2003-2007 I have had a fortune to be a medium of successfully applying these to myself, several people nationally and internationally through our Holistic Centre(s). I have also been an Artist-Painter through Together Arts.

Our Facebook pages through:





are our Awareness Initiatives to serve people. Through these pages we also share about my teachers and mentors freely, if anyone would like to learn from them directly.

You can know more about our work through the Public Charitable Trust- INDIAN RAW VEGAN FOUNDATION by clicking here.

I attribute all my happiness, health and success to Sri Maa, my in-laws, parents, family, masters and teachers. We all including me are today reaping the fruit of their blessings, commitment and hard work.’

Anjali Sanghi




About my:

Food and lifestyle choices

I have always loved to eat. I now observe that my earlier food choices were not suitable for me and as soon as I desired abundance I would gain a lot of weight. Now on a high raw lifestyle (abundant fruits, vegs, greens & partially cooked food), I relish all flavours that I love while fully nourishing my-self, abundantly everyday..

A day in our life

I feel very fortunate that life has inspired and blessed me with abundance that I can work with my own hands. We have loved to wash clothes, clean our home, clean utensils; grow, procure and prepare food, educate, while living in a joint family. Besides this I feel fortunate to continue my education, research, webinars, workshops, art and writing books. We take time to heal, meditate, rest, take walks or exercise, live in nature and share all that we have abundantly.


We love everyone irrespective of their food or lifestyle choices. We love to witness the light shining within everyone and smile together peacefully.

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Response to “About Anjali Sanghi”

  • Meenu says:

September 30, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Dear Anjali,
You are doing a great Job. Your kids is too cute. Hats off to him to adapt this lifestyle and encouraging others too.May god bless your sweet family. I get to know about this blog from FB group ” Let’s Do it Raw” .I would really love to change my lifestyle. Though Its been 25 days I am on raw vegan diet with few cheats.My motive behind its is to detoxify my body but now I would love to know how should I start on this. Continuing the same diet will be called detoxification or just shifting to raw vegan diet.

Thanks a lot creating this blog.

Other Testimonials, Letters and Messages coming soon….